Issues with implementing Push Notifications - Notifications not being sent

Hello all, I am trying to implement Push Notifications into our native app. I have followed the Mendix documentation for Push Notifications and I am receiving some unexpected results. I have completed all of the steps in the documentation from Adding Module Dependencies to Sending your First Test Push Notification. I noticed a couple of differences after completing the setup. The first one is according to the documentation, there is an App event widget on the Home Native page that is supposed to send an alert to the user asking them if they would like to enable push notifications, this did work on the iOS device I’m using for testing, but did not work on my Android device (on my Android device it doesn’t send the user an alert asking them if they would like to enable push notifications for the native app). I did however notice that both my Android and iOS devices did register and were saved as registered devices. Next, I followed the steps to send a push notification ( to both devices and I noticed that both messages were not sent and are in Pending status (Pending is the default status for messages so I don’t think there is was any movement on the messages). The documentation says that “If you did not receive the message, check the application’s logs to see if the message was sent successfully”, but there are no logs shown as it relates to push notifications. There is also no error message shown when sending a message. Has anyone run into this issue, any suggestions on what I should double check? Does Mendix have any extra guidance/documentation/tutorials on this? I think I set the Google Firebase Cloud Messaging Server up correctly. One other issue I noticed is that the Administration page for Push Notifications seems to be rendered in a strange way. I’ve attached screenshots of the view under the Devices tab and the Messages tab and the view of the pages in the Mendix App store. The page contains these large arrows that seem to take up most of the screen space. The first image shows the way this page looks when you run the application, the second image shows the screenshot in the Mendix App store which is how I think the page is supposed to look. Thank you.                
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Hi Monique Brown,

From the reference screenshot, indeed the notifications config page looks different than expected.
Can you check this with other versions of the push notifications module.
We did use version v6.1.2 a year back and it was ok.

But we did face some other issues sending notifications to devices.
We observed that we were able to push notifications to android devices but it didnt work for ios devices in our case.
To solve this, we did explicit ios build in xcode(get the git project in xcode and build) and it worked for us.