SignUp steps using ForgotPasword Module and EmailConnector Module

I want my users to signUp to the system according to their access roles, and as first step they should  enter their name and email to receive activation link and after that they could move to second step which is another registration form that they submit it and wait to get admin approval to access.   What happen is that I am using forgotPassword Module and I tried to figure out how to do that by using  the available SignUp button, and unfortunately I could not solve it.     I created a signUp template, but is not clear for me how to fill those fields and how do I let the user back to the system from the email he received? Error: Failed to send email, because an error occured in the token replace java action. : The token: {%SignUp%} is not valid, only valid tokens can be replaced.
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Hi Nada,


In the SignUp Email tab of the forgotpasswordconfiguration snippet there is a button to “create email template”(or if you already created the template it will be labeled “reset email template”).  This button should create an email template that will send the user who is in the sign up flow an email with a deeplink back to the app.  If you can successfully get back to the app through the deeplink then you can customize how users are created by changing the CreateNewUserFromSignUp microflow.


From the pictures that you attached above it looks like you are trying to define the email template manually which is do-able but is much easier to have it done automatically :) 


You shouldn’t need to fix this if you create/reset the signup email template but it looks like the email sending error you are getting is because your token is not defined correctly.  If you expand the email template pop-up to the right, there will be a reference selector button that will allow you to select the attribute you want to use from a list instead of typing it in.


I hope this helps you to resolve the issues you are having.



Danny Kumpf