(SOLVED) Error when trying to access data from MS SQL server.

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone might know how to resolve an error regarding MS SQL connection in Mendix.   I'm having a problem with connecting to a MS SQL server. I'm using Mendixs DatabaseConnector module and when it comes to using it, I've followed the instructions as much as possible. The error message tells me to verify that the SQL server is using a TCP/IP connection which it does and then tells me to verify that the firewall is not blocking TCP/IP connections. However, there is no problems with connecting to the same SQL server via Power BI so I assume the firewall is not blocking the TCP/IP connections.   The whole goal is to try to see if I can retrieve any data from the SQL server.   What I've done is added a simple link on the homepage that takes me to an overview page where I have a dataview widget that contains a layout grid. I am then using a microflow as the datasource to load in the data into the dataview. The microflow is basically creating an object from an non-persistable entity that I've created inside the domain model that matches the attributes from the data I'm attempting to retrieve via an ExecuteQuery action, the End-Event is then returning a list from the query. When running the application and attempting to navigate to the overview page, the data loads until timeout and results in two error messages.   I will post some screenshots below. Tell me if I've missed any more important information regarding this issue.  
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I don’t see anything wrong with what you have in the Microflow.

Is the port number in the connection string correct? 6201 is not the default port for SQL Server.