(SOLVED) Is it even possible to send dynamic content within the same EmailTemplate to multiple recipients? EmailConnector Module, Studio pro 8.18.22

I’m asking because I’ve looked through my project for days without finding a solution.  The loop actions does not seem to work as I expect or there is something I’m missing.   I’m iterating over a list that contains three managers in order to create a variable that contains the managers name attribute. Then I use that variable to filter the EmployeeList and then uses that filtered list to insert the attributes into the html table i’m creating to use as a token for my EmailTemplate.   When I put a breakpoint to the microflow that sends away the emails. I see that the loop action that creates the variable to filter the EmployeeList iterates over all three managers but only exit the loop with the last manager in the list.  The iteration should work by taking the first manager1 on the list, make a html table for that manager and then send it away to that manager, then go back and do it all over again for manager2 and manager3 but it does not. It iterates until it founds the last manager and only creates an html table for that manager. Then when I’m sending away the email to all three managers, they all receive the same html table.   Is there a way to use the loop action more correctly? I just want to map the right html table to the correct recipient.   CreateHTMLTable microflow:  SendEmailWithTemplate microflow:
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I can’t really see your microflows – they are too small for me.


Do you pass the manager from the Send Email microflow to the Generate HTML microflow?  I don’t see a parameter in the Generate HTML microflow.




I tried to generate a template document using Document Template element from Mendix, then in the same microflow I used StringFromFile java action from CommunityCommons and then added that string into the email template and it worked. Hope this helps!