Mendix SSO Looping back to login page

Hello, I have noticed that, if I have an active session on the mendix website, the mendix sso module will consistently loop me back to index.html then login.html when I click the “Mendix Account” button. When I open the app in an incognito window or clear cache, it works as intended. I saw some posts that were close to this issue when dealing with the SAML connector, but I am trying to get this working within the mendix sso connector. Maybe something in my index page to handle this? Not sure, so anything helps!   Thanks
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Hello Griffin, 


like mentioned in the morning I had the same problem in my app.


Now I have updated the SAML Module from V3.3.0 to the actual V3.4.1 and now the problem is gone. 


Perhaps this will help you also.


Have a nice day.




Upgrading to 9.24.1 and upgrading the SSO module fixed it