Excel Importer Automation.

https://community.mendix.com/link/space/deployment/questions/89480 I checked this question before. however the link is not working. so I want to ask some questions for excel importer automation.    I want to get excel file automatically which is located in my local or AWS. getting files from local or AWS should be operated  periodically.( like once in day) the data of excel should be put my domain model entity without synchronizing head to entity(or matching it automatically)  this is my main thing that I want to do with excel importer. please help me out… 
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Hi KooHyun,

For this, you can create a REST service and with the help of Schedular, you and Make sure that it runs after every 12 hrs, and then using default microflows and templates ( that you created) in excel importer, you can achieve your requirement.


Hope it helps!!