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Hi all, for a hobby project I want to create an app for my swimming club. I started with a few simple add information pages; a swimmer and a time view/edit page (with the corresponding entities). But since I don't want to add all swimmers by hand I looked at the Excel importer and the tutorial that explains how to use it. I actually got quite far but I've ran into a few problems that I can't figure out. first of all, my data set looks like this:   My first problem is with column C, it's the gender column, my entity has this attribute as an ENUM with options Male, Female, Different. So the dataset has m where my ENUM expects Male. How can I correctly map this?   My second problem is that cell E2 has 3 bits of information I need to fill for an object. This is my domain model(in Dutch): So in my import I use the key to map the swimmer from the "zwemmer” entity to the "Tijden” entity and now I need cell E2 to fill in my "slag” enum (backstroke) "afstand” enum (25m) as well as my minutes int (0) and my seconds decimal (14,26). Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to do this?   My third problem is that I don't know how to import my times data, I created a template (following the “Importing and Exporting your data” tutorial) to import the information for the "Zwemmer" entity. Then I wanted to create another import for the "Tijden” entity but I get an error stating "no template selected for this file” while it actually says the template name in the listing. I had the error before with my first import template and changing some things in the template actually fixed it, but I tried those same things and it didn't work so far. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here my template is only using 2 columns so far (to test it): Column B as a key for both this and associated objects since it's the "naam” from the "Zwemmer” entity.  Column E as an attribute to fill in the seconds attribute of the "Tijden” entity.   Hopefully someone can help me with any of the issues I am encountering, thank you for your time in reading this! Please let me know if there is reading material/tutorials I can follow to fix this.   Kind regards
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Hey buddy, 

I am not sure I have totally understood your problem.

For Q1:you’d better create a parse microflow to transform your string text to enum . And you should set the parse micro flow to the excel importer configuration.


For Q2:I am a little confused

For Q3:Suggestion from my site is setting the time related columns to string text, that would be easier.