Debug an app using xsuaa in local host

Hello experts, I have made an app that uses xsuaa for sso connection. When I check the app from the url after I deploy it it works perfectly. The problem is I want to use the Odata connector and make some more changes how do I make it work for the localhost too? so I can debug it? When I run the app locally it says: No webpage was found for the web address: http://localhost:8080/xsauaalogin/ Can I set up the enviroments locally too? So I can continue developing my application? Thanks in advance
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I can't tell you if it's technically possible to make this work locally unfortunately. If you want to debug changes without committing your changes, you can always make build an unversioned package and upload that to your cloud environment. That way you can test and then commit when you're happy with the way your changes are working.