Using SAP BAPI Connector with BAPI explorer

Hi all, Is it possible to use the SAP BAP Connector without direct access to the BAPI metadata?   I want to connect to a specific BAPI using the Connector ( but the process of setting this up requires to fetch a metadata file from the BAPI and generating a Mendix module from this metadata. I have some written documentation of the BAPI, naming the fields of the service and the BAPI name, but I don’t know if there is a way to turn this into a metadata file or a BAPI module.  Any ideas? regards, Fabian
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Yes it is possible to call BAPI without generating metadata file. Metadata file is the utility to generate mendix domain model.

you can generate Mendix domain model manually if you know the BAPI Import/Export/Table parameters. While creating mendix model do follow the Entity hiererachy required by BAPI connector (