Email Connector - Compilation of java actions failed

I am trying to run my application with mendix email connector and i am getting the following error. Can anyone please help me how and from where i can get these missing java actions:  
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The problem seems to be with your Encryption module. It is complaining it can’t find the correct OpenPGP classes. This is usually down to one of two reasons. Either the class is missing from your userlib folder, or you have multiple versions of the class in your userlib folder, and when the application compiles it is picking the wrong version.

To solve this. I would suggest you look in your userlib folder and if you see jar files with the same name but different versions, delete the version with the lowest version. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this manually, there is an application that can help do this for you.

If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling the Encryption module. It should include all the jar files it needs.

Good luck!