LDAP for cloud apps

Hi, I’m Interested in the LDAP module and I have already used it before, but while I was reading the document I found this part Typical Usage Scenarios   “ You will typically use the LDAP module when you are building Mendix apps that you want to deploy on-premises rather than in the cloud ” I can’t understand this part, why I can’t use it while running the App on Mendix Cloud as an example?
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You likely won’t be able to access a LDAP or LDAPS domain controller from the Mendix cloud due to security restrictions both on the Mendix side as well as your organization. Typically for integration to LDAP, your application would need to be deployed on-prem. 

Another thing to consider, even if you can reach your organizations LDAP server from outside the network, is you will need a SSL Cert for binding the authentication. 


Lastly, You should really consider moving away from insecure LDAP protocols anyways and move things toward SSO or LDAPS. 


AS Jorn stated you can use this, but typically the LDAP server is not available to the cloud environment for security reasons. If you can access the data in your situation from the cloud then there is no issue to use this, but do make sure this stays a secure solution.