Email content missing nextline

I am working on an email connector module for my app and tested it fine. The problem is the content of the email is not showing the next line. However, when I used the debugger to check the value of the content, it shows the next line (see attachment below).   I also attached the Microflow for the email logic.   Prior to all of these, I changed the widget for HTML tab for the EmailTemplateSettings from Rich Text to Text Area. This is because the Rich Text widget is having an error and won't display it in the page. I'm not quite sure if there's anything I missed in the process that could have cause this problem. (See 3rd attachment)     Here is the content of the email:     I'll be glad with your assistance. Thank you!
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If you've changed to a Text Area you will need to add the HTML markup yourself. The Rich Text widget was doing this for you behind the scenes.


To add newlines in HTML you can use either <br>  tags to add a line break, or wrap paragraphs in <p></p> tags. For example


<p>Hi {%Fullname%}</p>



I hope this helps.