Teamcenter service call error.. After version 10.4 upgrade

Hi, nice to meet you I need mendixer help.     mxver:9.24.4 Tc Connector version: 3.4.1   I have a "Saved Query Search" that I developed in the above environment and runs well. (See Attachment) -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- [Saved Query Input Parameter] Query name 'Item Revision...'   Input data Item_Id   Business object mapping Cip0ControlPlan=MyModule.Cip0ControlPlan; Cip0ControlPlanRevision=MyModule.Cip0ControlPlanRevision; User=TcConnector.User;   Configuration name $TenantTeamcenterConfiguration/ConfigName -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------   This app has been upgraded to the version below. However, an error occurs when running “Saved Query Search” after that. The "" file seems to be having an effect.   mxver: 10.4.0 Tc Connector version: 3.6.1   [The error message is as follows.] -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------- Caused by: 500: Internal Server Error at TcConnector.SendService (CallRest : 'Call REST (POST)') at {"name":"TcConnector.ExecuteSavedQueries","type":"JavaAction"} at IncomingInspection.GetControlPlanRevision (JavaAction: 'Saved Query Search')   Advanced stacktrace: at com.mendix.integration.actions.microflow.RestCallAction.execute(RestCallAction.scala:79)   { ".QName": "", "messages": [ { "code": 214022, "level": 3, "message": "An error has occurred during the JSON parsing." }, { "code": 214022, "level": 3, "message": "An error has occurred during the JSON parsing." }, { "code": 214004, "level": 3, "message": "Please see the log file 'tcserver.exe16043754.syslog' for more information." } ] } -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------   I would appreciate it if the mx team could guide me on how to solve this problem.   thank you reguards,    
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In the viewer3D_TC module there is an entity called TCItemRevisionSearchCriteria, which contains Item_ID.

Item_ID can't be localized using the TC mapping, so the body of the request which is giving the error contains an entries["Name",null,"Revision"]. The null value is causing the error message.


I solved this by changing the Item_ID to ItemID, which will result in entries["Name","Item ID","Revision"] and won't throw the json parse error.


Hi HD-san,


Can you share the request json? It is necessary to compare the json contents between the old version and the new version.

If the request is correct, it will succeed.