How to configure Email connector stepwise using gmail account?

Need to test email functionality in project with my personal gmail account for testing purpose. I tried adding email id password but it shows below message.     When tried to set manually it asks for server port and localhost details which I am not sure from where I can get for using gmail account.   Ideally the settings should get automatically retrieved and should work.   Note - Using 9.24.12 mendix version        
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Hi Snehal,


You can find more information here:


And specifically for Gmail:


Hey Snehal!

After taking a look at the gmail configuration I think your problem is that your crendentials are not okay. 

See the third point on the gmail smtp documentation: 

For authentication, enter your complete Google Workspace email address (for example: and password. Make sure to sign in to the account before you use it with the device or app.


So you should use a google workspace email address and apart from that you need to create an application password.

For that you can follow these steps:


The module should be able to detect that you are trying to use the gmail smtp so you don't need to insert the values manually.

As you see here I did a quick test for u and it is working.



Hope this helps you.

If you have any other doubt please let me know.


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Hi Snehal,

pls refer this specific section in the documentation.

- gmail does NOT support basic credentials (username/password). You need to follow the steps to create an "app password" and then use it to connect to your gmail account. Hope this helps!