Connecting Git to a private server

hello  I am configuring a git integration to work with git on a private server. I've never had a problem integrating git on a private server before. And I followed the manual. This time, however, I got this warning   All the configuration mendix need,  Erase all files from GitHub, Give admin authority on GitHub etc. As before, I've executed all the necessary actions. However, I'm not sure why I'm getting that error. (Mendix version is 10.5, I tried to connect to the Git server using "Upload to Version Control Server" in mendix) If anyone knows anything about that error message, Please answer.
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To upload to a private Git repository, the repository needs to be completely empty. This means there should not be any .README or .gitignore files for example.


We hope to improve this error message as it's rather unclear inside Studio Pro, but hopefully you're helped for now.