Mendix with Teamcenter Connector

In Teamcenter my Customer Request Item(type of Inspection Request) is related to Physical Part Using 'Has_Part' Relation. And the Parameter is related to Physical Part using 'Has_Parameter' relation.   In Mendix, I only want to show both Physical part and Parameter in the same page just like teamcenter.     To fetch the physical part From Inspection Request Revision, i have Designed this microflow and it is working fine. now I want to show Parameters related to the Physical part in the same way using the relation 'Has_parameter',But The parameter column is showing Blank, because it is trying to fetch Has_parameter relation from Inspection Request , I think I have to design a microflow that will retrieve the list that was retured by the Previous microflow(Physical Part) and use it as input to find the 'Has_Parameter' Relation. Can anyone help me designing this 2nd microflow? or there are some other way to fetch that?
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