Mendix with Teamcenter

Hello Team, In Teamcenter I have a relation named 'A5_HasParameter' which is connecting my two custom attributes A5_PhysicalPartrevision and A5_ParameterRevision. In Mendix Reference attribute can be created as association between two entities. And I am able to fetch both of the custom attributes using the relation.   Now, In Teamcenter I have Some properties in the relation bussiness object that I want to fetch.    But HasParameter Relation is mentioned as association in mendix, and How can we add attributes in Association?? I am unsure about the process, can anyone help me out?   Thanks
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Instead of using an association to get the related objects implicitly, you should use "Expand GRM Relations For Primary". This will give you access to the relationshipObject which has an association to the otherSideObject and the _relation (ImanRelation). Your custom relation is derived from ImanRelation, so you will need to create a similar domain model in Mendix to get this data mapped.

I haven't actually tried this, but this is my suggestion