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Hi everyone.   I would like to send an email. I have tried the email-connector, but this does not seem to work well with gmail, because they no longer support 'basic credientials"   Starting on September 30, 2024, less secure apps, third-party apps, or devices that have you sign in with only your username and password will no longer be supported for Google Workspace accounts. For exact dates, visit Google Workspace Updates. To continue to use a specific app with your Google Account, you’ll need to use a more secure type of access that doesn’t share password data. Learn how to use Sign in with Google.   is there a tutorial on how to setup an email service using OAUTH and Gmail in mendix?   edit: I believe these types of email are called "transactional emails"   Answer: we ended up using PostMark, as all we needed to do was verify that I am the owner of the email address, and then use an API to POST to PostMark, they do the rest (really easy) and has a 10sec delivery guarantee (most of the time it was within 4sec, which is amazing when doing email validation and password resets.
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Exactly,, and the first one on the list, Sendgrid, has a marketplace-module: Why not use that one? Yeah, it is a paid service, but if you are not mass-emailing, 40 euro monthly will get you 60.000 mails per month.


Hello Jason!

Gmail no longer supports basic authentication (usernames and passwords), but you may still be able to set up an account in the Email connector by doing the following:

  1. Read Less secure apps & your Google Account and turn off the Less secure app access setting in your Google account.
  2. Set up an app password to sign in to the Email connector. For more information, see Sign in with app passwords.

I checked it now at my place, because I was doing a test application and it still works, you can send emails from gmail without any problem :)


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Hi Jason,

yes, you are right. gmail doesnt support basic auth, but you can follow these instructions to connect Email connector to your gmail account.


Hope this helps!