PDF Generation give me a Time Out

I followed the steps of the documentation: PDF Document Generation | Mendix Documentation   But it's still not work and saying me: "Navigation timeout of 30000 ms exceeded".   The specific error i've:  I'm lost please help i want to come back home, my boss said me to finish it before...
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As Michiel said:

  • We use a fixed 30 second timeout for the page to finish loading and rendering. A timeout exception is thrown if the page content did not finish loading within 30 seconds.

  • Widgets or add-ons for your index.html file that perform long polling network requests are not supported. The document generation service waits until there are no more pending network requests.


Check also this specific bullet point:




If you really need the complete document and it is complex, there are several avenues to explore:-

  • increase your system resources,
  • review the construction of the page (for example, tables within tables lead to a structure that is more cumbersome to manage. By reviewing the organization of the page, you will certainly be able to simplify it),
  • use Mendix to export the data you want to use for your document (in XML or JSON form) and use an external tool to produce your document
  • or even use an XML-XSLT structure based on POI to create your PDF (or other format) using a custom Java action.
  • as another ultimate alternative, you can check if you can t use at the HTML level the media tag and use the direct Print Page from your web browser.

I am not sure, but maybe you are experiencing either bullet 3 or 4 of the limitations?