How do I put my own jpg/png as a background?

Greetings Mendix community,   I am having an issue concerning backgrounds. I've been trying for so long to simply put a "jpg" as my background in my app.   First things first, after taking a look at the already asked questions in the forums I found that many have the same problem as me, so as a logical person I just used the "Approved answer". The most approved one was, and I quote:    "To solve the issue, all the resources need to be in projectname/themesource/modulename/public. You need to create the folder public yourself. In public I added a folder resources and in this folder I added a folder for images and a folder for fonts."   Furthermore, after doing the above, I went to "main.scss" and typed the below:   .backgroundImage {           background: url("./resources/images/NatureBG.jpg") no-repeat;           background-size: cover; }   *Please keep in mind that I even tried the absolute path which also did not work*   I am sure I added the class name to the correct class but everytime I am running the app, the app runs correctly but at the console I see this: "404 - file not found for file: themesourcemyfirstmodulepublicresourcesimagesNatureBG.jpg" Log level: Error Log node: Connector   I also checked for any typos, uppercase, lowercase, different images, different formats(jpeg, png) nothing seems to work.   I am getting frustrated because I had the same issue at a different project the past months but I found the solution and when I use that project as a reference I still cannot overcome my problem.  
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You would get that error if you used "\" instead of "/" in the path for the image in scss