How do i create a form-data POST request with multiple FileDocuments assigned to one Key-value

I require assistance with constructing a form-data POST request in Mendix, where the API service demands binary values for creditNote variables. Each creditNote consists of one or multiple files, and and the naming convention for the creditNote should follow the convention: <entitlement>_creditNote. For instance, if an "rptr" declaration includes two images, the form-data values to be set are:   Key = [1]rptr_creditNote  |  Value= $NotaFile/Content Key = [2]rptr_creditNote  |  Value= $NotaFile/Content   However, it seems challenging to achieve this as I can only assign one FileDocument/Content value to one key within the form-data request. Is there a solution to accomplish this functionality within Mendix without implementing custom Java actions?  
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