Errors when using DatabaseReplication Module from the store

I'm quite new to Mendix and tried setting up the DatabaseReplication Module in order to connect to my MySQL-database. After downloading the additional content and placing it into my current project I get about 290 errors which all involve a simular message: "Undifined entity 'MxModelReflection'.... " To be clear what I'm trying to use can be found under the following link: From previous experience I'm guessing that most likely I'm missing a library or different kind of file. After some more thought this might also be the connection to the database, but I simply have no way of being sure about this. I however doubt this is the case after seeing the screen titled "_USE_ME.DatabaseMapping" in which I'm apperently supposed to name the database I want to connect with. Any help solving this would be very much apreciated as this problem would help me a lot with my current project. Photo's are added for clearing up possible questions, feel free to ask more  screenshots if needed. Just to clear up the screenshot above, the messages, elements, documents and modules are varying in content. The content however consistently mentiones MxModelReflection
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You need do download the MxModelReflection as written in the dependencies of the Database replication module:


  • MxModelReflection module. This module is required in order to configure the mapping between the excel columns and the domain model.