iOS fails to register for push notifications

Hi, I'm trying to upgrade my project to 6.10.1 using the latest push notifications module. Now my iOS10 device does no longer register. The dialog asking if you would like to accept push notifications for this app appears, but the device is not registered. The push registration works properly on another iOS9 device. This means the certificates and all are properly setup. I have a hunch that this issue is related to an updated phonegap package downloaded from sprintr, but the package is just a black box to me. Do you have any suggestions? Update2: We see push error: no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application in the console when using web inspector. It looks like there have been recent changes to the phonegap build to support iOS10.x. And in addition the entitlement of Push Notifications used to be taken from the Provisioning profile, but no longer in iOS10.
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