SAML: New configuration option to change user names to lower case

I am testing a migrated Mx4 to Mx6 SAML project and encounter some problems with finding the right account name. It looks like all the account names it is searching for are all lower case. Version 1.8 mentions a new configuration option about this subject, but I must be blind or something because I can not find the option. Where do I configure this in the latest SAML module? Regards, Ronald  
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Hi Ronald,

  I am looking at the Java code,  and I see the following in the file saml20\implementation\

       *  JVDH20170117: The module is using the username inconsistently. Introducing a setting to allow the user to configure if names are case-sensitive.
       *  To remain backwards compatibility we can't just create that setting becuase depending on the option they may or may not be case-sensitive.
       *  If the constant is specified we should follow that rule, otherwise keep the current behavior.
       *  We should get rid of this special case with the Mx7 release and always use the constant defaulting to true.
      if( Boolean.TRUE.equals( Constants._getInstance().PRINCIPAL_TO_LOWERCASE ) )
       userPrincipal = userPrincipal.toLowerCase();

The constant it is looking for is PRINCIPAL_TO_LOWERCASE, which is set by the value "sso.principalvalue.tolowercase" set in the file <projectHome>/resources/


So it isn't something that is set in the Modeler or in the front-end configuration, but rather in the accompaning resource .properties file.