IBM watson connector open, update the settings and run process in Mindex Modeler

I have created an account in Mendix and added IBM watson connector from appstore to my apps. Downloaded the Mendix Modeler and attempted to run the IBM Watson app. But when I try to run it it is asking for credentails in the following URL http://localhost:8080/index.html?profile=responsive and I am entering my registered details in Mendix but it is saying wrong user id or password and I am unable to prcoeed, do I need to create and use any other credentials? Please guide me how to open IBM watson App in Mendix Modeler and do the IBM Bluemix settigns and run. Modeler verson is 7.1.1  
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You're looking for the master administrator username and password. In the development environment on most projects, this is set to:


Username: MxAdmin

Password: 1


You can configure this username and password yourself by navigating in the Project Explorer to: Project -> Security -> Administrator. Once you're logged in as the admin, you will be able to create other user accounts inside the app itself.