Connecting to IBM Watson IOT Platform

Hi, I am new to the IoT subject. After seeing an IoT demo on Mendix platform (which is impressive and seemingly very easy), I am developing my own simple IoT application. On  IBM Watson IOT Platform I have: A device that sends sensor data to the platform (device dashboard shows live sensor data) API key (In section "Apps" of the website)   On the other hand, I have an Mendix app with MQTT client (from the App Store). Documentation reads that I need to subsribe to a Topic using MQTT protocol. Todo so I need to fill-in input parameters of MQTT Subscribe action, which include: Broker host Broker port User name Password, CA etc..   It is not clear to me what are the right values for MQTT Subscribe and if the IBM platform needs to be additionally configured (and how).   Any help is much appreciated. Thanks. Andriy      
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Hi Andriy,


I added support for IBM watson to the MQTT connector on Github. I am not 100% sure if this is on the Appstore yet. But it is on Github:


Also on the readme page there is information on how to set up IBM configurations with Mendix.





Hi Simon,


Thank you for your reply.

I've been using the MQTT connector from the App Store (version 1.1). Thanks for pointing that there is a newer version (1.2) on GitHib that supports  IBM Watson. I will give it a try.