Feedback API login

Probably my assumptions are wrong and am I misreading the documentation. I use succesfully the deploy API and now wanted to retrieve all the feedback of an environment. The documentation talks about the username: PlatformAPIUser password: PlatformAPIPassword Now my assumption is that these would be the same as I have used on the deployAPI. But for some reason I always get a failed login. Where do I go off track? Off topic: it is strange to me that I use REST services for the deploy API and now have to use SOAP for the FeedbackAPI. Would be nice if this was all REST. Regards, Ronald  
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Hi Ronald, 

When it says platformapiuser it requires that username and same for the password. The examples it gives are the actual username and password for the webservice. You don't need to create one. You do need an api key to access the service. It is a bit confusing the documentation, but if you use the username and password provided it should work.