An error has occurred while handling the request

Hi All,   I am getting default popup with title :"Error" and data as "An error has occurred while handling the request" when ever i am not getting response from the server. Is there any way to edit this popup because i have searched in all the files and not able to find this.   Appreciate prompt reply
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No, you can not change this text. Note that whenever you get this error you as a modeler has made a mistake. Check your logs or console when working locally why this error is happening. Most of the time it will be a null pointer exception and did you forget to take into account that an object also could be empty somewhere.




When calling other services the way to handle this is by setting error handlers. See documentation here:




Not really the answer you were looking for, but I have to agree with Ronald. You should really try to prevent this error from occuring instead of worrying about the text. Check your logs, the mendix console and also the browser console for pointers to what is causing the error.

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I am getting this error whenever the response from back end service is not available or some unexpected errors

I tried to edit it in System Texts in modeler but that error is not available there and i have even checked through folder level in the project and under deployment/data/tmp/dojo/dojo/errors folder and RequestError.js  and not able to fetch it.



I am handling the errors through error handlers where ever i am calling backend services but is there any way to handle them globally in mendix instead of going and applying it where ever we are facing this issue as it is a random one.

Is there any way in mendix to globally apply errors?