Different connector options within same data view

I get different connector options/ possibilities (attributes to use/ drag) depending on what I select: 1) dropzone, 2) textbox with certain attribute, 3) textbox with another attribute (of the same or another entity). Does that make sense? Context: I was within a data view of a 'teacher', inheriting 'account' (which inherits 'user'), and I was looking for the 'Password' attribute (of 'user'), but I couldn't select it from the regular dropzones, nor from certain (already 'filled'/ connected) text boxes; but I could from another (already 'filled'/ connected) text box.  This does not really make sense to me: I would expect to see the same connector possibilities in either of the three scenario's, so from whatever place within the same dataview.
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Hi Joris,

I think you shouldn't edit the password directly from a field. It's an hashed string and therefor probably not directly available in the connector to drag it directly to your page. If you have the default "Administration" module in your project you can find a proper way to change your password with the page "ChangeMyPasswordForm". I would connect this page through a microflow call button which calls the "ShowMyPasswordForm" microflow. In answer to your question, other data types should behave the same way. But for example, a datetime attribute cannot directly be set in a textfield so wouldn't show up there as a possiblity in either the connector or Data source "Attribute(path)" option when you select a textfield.