unable to consume SAP odata services

A brief overview about the issue we are facing while consuming odata services:   In mendix application, have created an entity with odata object generalization in  the domain model as below.   Then created  a constant for data sources where we have given the SAP odata service and an enumeration type for entity which need to  be consumed. Microflow for fetching the values from entity.   The app is deployed in SAP cloud platform.     Service instances has been created.   After doing  these changes when I try to view those values in my UI. we are getting errors as below:   The following application were used from mendix app store.   We are unable to get how to give Authentication credentials for accessing the service. Kindly let me know if any other configurations need to be done passing those values if we want to consume SAP odata services. While consuming ES4 demo system services we are not facing this authentication issues.    
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There seems to be an issue with the java security policy settings in the environment.

I suggest to file a ticket with Mendix support to get this rectified.