Android push notifications not working - reason GCM disabled

Hi all,   I am trying to configure push notifications on my project and after getting everything configured, I go to the Pending Messages tab on the Administration page, and all the messages fail with the message "GCM disabled". The worst is that this was working last week and this week it's no longer working...I tried creating a new Mendix project to configure everything from zero, a new firebase account, but keep getting the same error.   Does anyone know what "GCM disabled" means exactly? I'm thinking it must be something on the Google Firebase side, but the articles I've read tell me I've done things correctly and that I should only need the Sender Id and Server Key. Could the "GCM disabled" message means there's something left to do on the Mendix side?   Many thanks Gonçalo
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Problem solved. When configuring the Push notifications for Android on the Push Notification Administration page, make sure to select the right DTAP option. For Sandbox choose Production!