How to use the Database connector

Hello, I'm new to Mendix and I don't get clear view on how to use the database connector . I want to select data from an remote database. I tried looking for available content in the web but couldn't find some clear documentation. Can someone help me with the steps on how to get the data from a remote DB in a Microflow .
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The DB connector is used to transfer legacy data to your Mendix used database. In the documentation you see the steps you need to take:

  • A database URL address that points to your database.
  • The username for logging into the database, relative to the database URL address.
  • The password for logging into the database, relative to the database URL address.
  • The JDBC driver libraries (.jar extension) (see also here), for the databases you want to connect to, must be placed inside the userlib directory of your Mendix application.
    So if you want to connect to Amazon RDS PostgreSQL database (For e.g. jdbc:postgresql://, you need to place PostgreSQL Jdbc driver jar inside the userlib folder.
  • Specific to the Execute query action:
    An entity in the domain model, to be used for the results of the executed query.
    Let's say that you want to execute a query like select name, number from stock. This query has two columns of type String and Integer respectively. In order to use the Execute query action, you have to add an entity in the domain model that has the same attributes as the columns in the query.


What part goes wrong and can you elaborate on the steps you have taken?





hello, dear expert:

I am a newer in mendix, is there a video about  how to use database connector?