Rabbitmq Connector: Is it possible to consume from Topic Exchange and Corresponding Queue.

Hi, We have an existing messaging application using Rabbitmq, we are trying to do a POC using mendix, just by publishing to an existing 'topic exchange' and consuming from corresponding queues, I have tried using the RabbitMQConnector from appstore, also created a subscriber using the configuration. However everytime when I do the 'start listening' action it is creating new temporary queues.   I  tried to debug the connector in eclipse, I could see that it is only supporting 'fanout' and 'direct' exchange, also it is creating its own queues. What I need is to consume from an existing queue, also to publish to an exchange with a routing key. Please guide me on this.          
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I don't have a solution for you, unfortunately. You could post an idea on the Github page to get in touch with the developer: https://github.com/appronto/RabbitMQconnector ?