Mendix and jasper

Hi, I am trying to create Jasper reports of Mendix. I am trying to use REST/odata, but i am hitting walls with both. Has anyone been able to successfully do this? I made the most progress with Odata. I can see the data exposed in my browser. In jasper, i can make a successful connection (over XML) and see the attributes but when i try to read the data it shows nothing. I think it may be a authorization issue?   Kind regards, Werner Grobler  
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In general for a Odata inteface you need to select the allowed roles in Mendix. From the other side, where you would like to get the data, you should add the login data for this user in the Odata statements. Mind you, that the user could only read data that he is allowed to trough the entity acces of the domain model in Mendix. Maybe that is your issue?