Hi All,   Im trying to run a query through database connector module (By mendix) the java action always raise these two errors:   Error in execution of monitored action 'executeaction' (execution id: 1523785942421-5, execution type: CLIENT) No permission to perform the following action while running with cloud security (emulation) enabled: access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "")   i tried to run the application local and cloud, same behavior :( by tracing this issue i found that its related to the file (.policy) in the deployment directory, i have tried to write a piece of code, but it rebuilt each time you run the app. maybe there is a way to stop the cloud security!!!   any help.
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Locally you can turn cloud security off ( Settings / Configurations and then edit tab Server). In the cloud it depends on which Mendix cloud you are. Mendix V4 should work out of the box and for the V3 cloud you need to file a support ticket to change the security policy.




I am no Oracle specialist but this website might give a clue: