Mendix provide integration with Tableau

Hi, How to integrate Mendix with Tableau.I am unable to find any app.
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While there is not an app or widget in the app store for integration with Tableau, this How To may get you started:

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You are not able to find an app (custom widget, module lib) for your specific requirement probably cause there are none, there are millions of applications and unfortunately neither Mendix nor the Community can address all of them when it comes to integration with Mendix. 


Things you can do,

1. You would have to do your fair part of research and analysis and come up with integration API modules or wait for someone who has the same interest as you come up with a module.

2. Reach out to Mendix support, get in touch with Mendix CRO's and they will be able to build and provide you with the module (Charges applied!)


Good Luck!