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​Hello all, Lately I've been working with mendix and oData a lot, trying to create fiori-like apps. But when it comes to some critical points I find myself at a loss. That's why I ask you, community, these 4 questions related to the oData. How can I filter, search, order and group an odata service once I display it in a list. Are there any out-of-the-box functions or widgets? How can I refresh a list which displays an odata getList items after applying a new query to display the new items brought by the new query? What happened to the oDataQueryBuilder? Is it a deprecated module? In the Mendix SAP model app it is used to filter the items building a query string with the search input. How is it supposed to be done now if this module is not available anymore? Is there any way to cache the oData items retrieved? Since the oData domain model created is not persistable, how can I switch pages without requesting the same oData list everytime? (when navigating through menu tabs for instance)   Thank you very much in advance. Any of these questions answered will be of great help.
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  • no out of the functions yet (as far as I know) - you will have to build that yourself
  • I don't understand your exact problem - you can just refetch the data.
  • To my knowledge it is not considered to be release-ready yet. You can still use it by just extracting it from that app
  • The same way as with any other interface - create a persistable representation of the data and build logic to maintain that.

Thank you Fabian for your answers. Regarding the last point, could you please elaborate a bit the answer on how to create that persistable representation or could you tell me where to find documentation about it?

And regarding the second point, I already fetch the data again, but it doesn't refresh the list. The list is connected to a microflow that brings the list of the items. When pressing a button I relaunch the microflow in order to fetch the data again, but it doesn't update the list.

Thank you very much.