SAP odata Connector: file for $metadata not found

Hi everyone! I've published a SAP odata service and now I am trying to connect it to my local app. When trying to add this datasource within my SAP account, it gives out a connection error. Within my local console of the app, it displays the following error: "404 - file not found for file: $metadata".  So, why does this happen? Many thanks for any answer!   Regards, Laura
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See this post:

For some strange reason does SAP only support V2 OData while Mendix will only support V3. So you can not consume SAP OData in Mendix. You should create a webservice in SAP and consume that in Mendix.





Did you enable the Path Based Access Restrictions in sprintr? Go to Environments / Details > Network tab

 You have to activate the Odata handlers >  /odata/ & /odata-doc/


Hi Laura, 

Thanks for your question. It's a bit hard for us as the team who has developed the OData connector to follow your question.

What action did you exactly try to perform right before you receive the file not found? and could you perhaps share us the inputs that you have used for the performed action?