Weird result retrieving data from an S/4 HANA system

I'm trying to write a microflow to retrieve sales data from an S/4 HANA system.    I've used the URL configured in the Get list in a browser and it works.    I tried this without the error handler first and wasn't getting any data, so I added the error handler and sure enough it was firing.  The weird part is that there is no error.  Below is the SAPHTTPResponse2 variable in the debugger.  That's the sales order data from the S/4 system.       This is the configuration of the Get list activity. Any help would be greatly appreciated!   Ross
2 answers

Did you check the $LatestError variable?

The latest http response shows the response as received before parsing.



The error is:


Attribute 'SD_SOFM_SRV.SalesOrderQuery.meta_objectURI' has a maximum length of 512, tried setting a value of length 629.


Is this something I can configure?



EDIT:  Turns out you can and it's easy.  Thanks for steering me in the right direction.