How to use Mendix MQTT client connector with Mosquitto broker?

I have mosquitto installed on my localhost and I have started the mosquitto service by command “mosquitto” and I will start the “mosquitto_pub -t ‘topic_name’ -m ‘some message’ once the subscriber is ready”. Now how can I subscribe to the mosquitto broker topic (‘topic_name’ in this case) by using this MQTT connector and how can I show the ‘some message’ on a page? Please help me I am new to mendix.
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I am having a little difficulty understanding all the steps you have done, but in order to interact with MQTT messaging in a Mendix app you will need to implement something in Mendix that can subscribe and/or publish messages.  I suggest you check out the MQTT client module which contains documentation on how to connect to a MQTT service and implement the necessary pages and microflows within the modeler.