How can I show Excel-Data in a DataView or progress bar

Hello there, I am new to Mendix as well as I am new to the world of It. I did the learning path where I learnt how to get data from excel into a Data grid. But I need to show the Data in Diagrams, for example a progress bar. I try to build a dashboard which shows all relevant machine data. (Good parts, bad parts, time etc) For the beginning I have an Excel-Sheet with the Data and I can’t figure out how I get the Data from excel into the Diagrams from Mednix. Did I miss a chapter in the Path, or is there anyone who has already done the same?
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As far as I have understood, you need to create a logic to import the excel sheets in to your app. After that you need to build out a logic to save your imported data in a logical domain model. Therefor it would make sense to have a look into some Academy learning paths of mendix.

If this is done, you can aggregate the data and build a logic to fill your charts and dashboards element with life.