How to connect between Mendix App and SAP EPR Package

I'd like to able to connect from Mendix App to SAP EPR PACKAGE system via SAP OData connector, but don't know how to. Usually(ex.SCP), i can build SAP app as below.  1.Create account SAP NetWeaver Gateway Demo 2.Imoprt SAP OData Connector. 3.Download the metadata file from SAP NetWeaver 4.Create Data model using SAP Odata Model Creator 5.Update pages 6.Deploy Please tell me that the difference how to connect SCP App and SAP EPR.
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You will need to create an OData Service for the transaction, table, etc. that you are trying to access. This service needs to be published on a SAP NetWeaver Gateway, and can then be consumed in a Mendix app, as you described. I’m not an expert on creating OData services in SAP, but you can try following this guide:

Also, make sure that any OData service you create is not OData v4. This version is supported by SAP, and recommended in certain documentations, but is not yet supported by the SAP OData Connector module. The guide above helps you create an OData v2 service.


You can find a very straightforward tutorial here:  


Took me less then 5 minutes to get SAP data into Mendix. Its a great starting point for everything else


Dear Mr.Weiss

Thank you so much for your quick reply!
I understand that i must set SAP Gateway to connect Mendix App.

And please tell me if you know ,
is there another way to connect SAP ERP 6.0 and Mendix App?
I want to connect 2 applications as possible as simple.

Sorry for bothering you.

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Dear Mr.Weiss

Thank you for your comment.
I noticed that i must prepare to connect,
both SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Mendix Odata connector!
i will try.

Thank you.