OPC-UA connector

Hi,  Lots of Siemens, and other industrial component vendor , controllers support OPC-UA. Is there a connector available or are there any plans to have this in the near future? We have a software server which supports OPC-UA and in order to integrate with Mendix we’d either need to replace the support to REST or go for a OPC-UA connector. Regards. Yves 
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Hi Yves,

Not to my knowledge. I recently started in a team in Mendix that works closely with Siemens, providing different teams within Siemens with all the solutions to build apps using Mendix. I haven't heard of OPC-UA before, but if this is something that is used a lot, it makes sense to build a connector. Currently there are no plans to do that, yet.

If there are useful Java libraries available to communicate through OPC-UA, we could start a community driven connector kit for that (our team only facilitates Siemens, the ownership of the solutions are with Siemens, hence I propose a Community driven approach on Github)


Hi Yves, hi Jelte,

in meanwhile, is there any movements or innovations in this topic? You have already implemented data with OPC-UA or did you build a connector? The demand is still there.