Changing associated records of the current user

What I am trying to do is generate a content overviewpage where users can leave a rating for that specific content (so the content information is already selected and displayed on that page). To start of here is the basic of my domainmodel: I would like to use the Star rating function of mendix for this, but it doen't let me select the Userbehavior entity. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to use a microflow for the star rating, but even if this was possible I wouldn't know how to design the microflow. So basically what I am asking is: is this possible to implement? if yes, how? or are there work arounds to solve this problem? Edit: And if the rating has changed i would like that it automatically changes the Rating_date    Kind regards
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You cannot select the UserBehavior entity, since the content can be referred by many UserBehavior objects.

You need a nested dataview with a userbehavior object in the dataview showing the content object.

Datasource of the nested dataview is a microflow, retrieving/creating the Userbehavior object. In this dataview the rating widget can be placed.

Instead of teh Ratingdate attribute, use the system member changed date