Mendix OData connection with MiniSAP environment

Hi Mendix developers, I have created an OData service in my miniSAP demo environment. This OData service is reachable from outside of SAP e.g. via Postman. So far so good. Now I'm trying to implement this OData service in my Mendix app. To do so I've created a microflow where I first added a block ‘Create Request Params’ in which I've defined a constant for the username of my miniSAP environment and a constant for the password of my miniSAP environment. Next block in the microflow is the block for Basic Authentication, where I've added the requestparameters. Next step is de GetList action from the SAP OData Connector. My OData service should then provide the list with records from the SAP Database. However, this is not working.  My problem is that I can't seem to get a connection to my miniSAP system. I've checked the GateWay monitoring and I don't see any request coming in. Therefore I expect that I've missed something in the first steps. Does anyone have an idea what I might have missed or how I can check where it goes wrong?  Kind regards, Cindy
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