Custom Request Handler

I am using Open Authentication Module of Mendix. As per instructions -"Register your app with the OAuth provider, make sure that the callback URL is https://(yourapp)/callback/(OAuth_provider) . " When I am trying to use https://(yourapp)/(abc)/(xyz)/callback/(OAuth_provider) . It is not able to register the request through handler. It says 404 not found error. Is there any work around.     Regards Alpa
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Hello Alpa,

There are a few issues you’ll have to deal with in order to do that. If using Mendix cloud to deploy you might have to make your entry point available for access (i.e. /(abc)/). You do this within Sprintr by going on Environments, going in your environment’s details under Network in the Path Based Access restrictions section:

Secondly you would have to edit the request handlers in the OAuth module to listen to that particular path rather than the default /callback/.

Hope this helps.