connection error occured, please try later

  hi everyone there were sometime that this message appeared. I wonder what was the cause of this error ,so I did try debugging my own microflow but it just went through the end of it. Was it because of my own bad internet? it still keep happening time to time when i try to open the pages those have document viewer by using mycroflow. Is there any solution to prevent this to happen? something like change a timeout config.. or something better and where can i change it?? and also Can I change this default massage to my own language? and where can i look for it?   thanks in advance
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Bad internet connection is indeed the most likely cause of this error message. Stream some music at the same time, you will know immediately when the internetconnection is down (well, ok, after the streaming-buffer is empty)




We also get this error very frequenty, even on localhost, so I don't think it's due to a bad internet connection….

Other suggestions are welcome.


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I’ve been experiencing the issue in a consistent manner for users of a particular role on one of our apps.  I’m working with support right now on it.  I’ve determined the issue appears to be related to my company’s Zscaler cloud firewall because I don’t experience the issue from my personal devices.  In the Google Chrome console, I’m seeing the following when the error pops up:

I’ll provide an update when I have more information.