Mendix Session - 7.23.5

I have created 2 modules. In the 1st module , we are creating session user and  using initializeSession to create a session. In 2nd module , we are consuming values of this  session. Now my requirement is to add  more information to session, other than just the default values of user table of mendix.  We need to add more values to user session, like access key and secret access key.  How can we achieve this? Since session.getData is deprecated now..
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Hi Alpa,

Are these users that log in? If so, I would suggest creating a new entity (AccessInformation or whatever) and link that to the user’s Account entity. If not, do something similar and link it to the Session object. When possible, stay within the Mendix (default) functionality. It keeps your app clear, maintainable and future (version) proof.