OData and Tableau

We have a client who want to connect with Tableau to our OData connectors. When setting up the connection Tableau generates the following error: Unable to complete action Bad OData Format. Make sure you are using a URL that points to a valid OData Source. Now I already found this post: https://community.tableau.com/thread/143063 but that does not give a solltion. And on this page: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/examples_odata.htm it states that it can not handle OData service documents. The OData connector supports only extracts, which means that some OData V4 functionality is not supported, for example, interactive query arguments such as $expand or $select. The OData connector doesn't support browsing OData service documents. I downloaded a trial version to play around and got the same errors while PowerBI just reads the data from the exact same location. Is this a Tableau bug? Anybody a clue on how to read OData into Tableau? Regards, Ronald [EDIT] Found the problem. It is indeed the problem that Tableau can not read OData service documents. Let say you have the following OData service <service xml:base="http://localhost:8010/odata/Published_OData_service/"> <workspace> <atom:title>Default</atom:title> <collection href="Medewerkers"> <atom:title>Medewerkers</atom:title> </collection> <collection href="Adressen"> <atom:title>Adressen</atom:title> </collection> </workspace> </service> Normally you would enter the URL http://localhost:8010/odata/Published_OData_service/ to read the service but with tableau you need to add the collection. So Tableau only accepts http://localhost:8010/odata/Published_OData_service/Medewerkers or http://localhost:8010/odata/Published_OData_service/Adressen
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