Connecting Mendix & SAP

I am trying to connect Mendix to SAP. Based on all the documentation, I know how to connect a Mendix App to the free Mendix cloud and also within the app know how to unlink that app from the free cloud and connect to SAP Cloud ES5. Connecting the apps now seems pretty straightforward to me. The problem I am now having is how to have Mendix recognize another SAP system other than the Mendix free cloud and ES5. Somewhere within Mendix I am thinking there is configuration making those connections so when we create an app, we have the option of which system we want the app to be tied to. I initially thought that was in Environment->Cloud Settings within an existing app, but the first question I am asked there is what Region I am signing into, so it doesn’t give me the option here of creating a new SAP system connection. There must be a step prior to that I am missing.
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